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Field & Shed Equipment

   Agricola Italiana Precision Seed Drills
        Agricola Seed Drill AI-640-SN
        Agricola Seed Drill AI-640-SNT
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill M-815-SN
        Agricola MULTI Pneumatic Sowing Machine
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill P-300
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill PK
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SN-1-130
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SN-2-130
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-2-260
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-1-145
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-1-130
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-2-290
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-2-290-12
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-2-290-15
        Agricola Pneumatic Seed Drill SNA-3-290

   Nicholson Equipment
        Nicholson Onion Field Topper
        Nicholson Onion Harvester
        Nicholson Onion Raiser / Windrower
        Nicholson Top Tail Remover - Finish Topper

   Tong Peal
        Tong Peal Caretaker Grading Systems
        Tong Peal Evoluton Separator
        Tong Peal Clod Separators
        Tong Peal Receoption Hoppers
        Tong Peal Economy Washing System
        Tong Peal TPMM Vegetable Polisher
        Tong Peal U Brush Vegetable Polisher
        Tong Peal Destonter
        Tong Peal Screen Sizing
        Tong Peal Sponge Driers - Felt Driers
        Tong Peal Barrel Washers
        Tong Peal Box Fillers
        Tong Peal Big Bag & Tote Fillers
        Tong Peal Box Tippers
        Tong Peal Big Bag Tipper

Freshcut / Processing Equipment

        Flott Washing & Peeling Technology

Parts & Supplies



Manufactured Solutions
   Dust Extraction
   KW Automation
   Nicholson Machinery
   Tong Peal
   Fresh Cut Processing Solutions

Packaging Equipment

    KW Automation
        KW Inline Weight Grader
        KW Electronic Weight Grader
        KW Circular Weight Grader with Collecting Drums
        KW Circular Weight Grader
        KW Circular with Shallow Bins
        KW Circular with Collecting Hoppers
        KW Size Grader
        KW Tasc Series 3 Sizer Control Systems
        KW Cold Dip Tank
        KW Hot Dip Unit
        KW Hot Spray Treatment
        KW Drying Tunnel
        KW Wash & Wax Unit
        KW Roller Spray Unit
        KW Wash Spray Unit
        KW Brush Polishers
        KW Inspection Conveyors
        KW Roller Creepfeeder
        KW Belt/Elevator Feeder
        KW Bulk Bin Tipper
        KW Spray Tanks

    Stretch Wrapping Machines
        IPM-Affordable II
        IPM-Model 10/10
        IPM-Model 20/20
        IPM-Wide Web

    Strapping Machines
        Stra-Pack RQ8
        Stra-Pack RQ-8Y
        Stra-Pack RQ-8Y PLT
        Stra-Pack AQ-7
        Stra-Pack AQ-7M
        Stra-Pack D-52
        Stra-Pack S-669
        Stra-Pack JK2

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