South Georgia Equipment offers Produce Handling Equipment and Supplies to the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Our family-owned-and-operated business, located in the heart of "Sweet Vidalia Onion" country, has been established since 1999. Our primary focus is to improve quality while reducing labor cost for our customers.

After traveling throughout the world doing extensive research, South Georgia Equipment has formulated a team of leading manufacturers of the produce equipment industry. Why did we choose these manufacturers? Not just because of their reputation throughout the industry but for the personal involvement in their company. We needed manufacturers who were willing to listen to our customers and offer solutions based on their individual expertise.

With over 35 years of combined experience, South Georgia Equipment offers solutions to existing problems and set the pace for future growth.

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Pneumatic Precision Seed Drill. SGE offers leading equipment in the area of pneumatic precision seed drills. The vast range of seed drills can meet all different sowing needs; from the smallest vegetable such as onion, carrot, lettuce, other root crop to the larger seeds such as corn, green bean, sugar beet, cotton, sunflower among others. SGE depends not only on expert manufacturer and technician's help but rely on customer feedback to constantly demand the technology quality of the sowing implements. The variety and specilization of the range of products for vegetable and cereal sowing makes SGE's offered pneumatic seed drill suitable for either use in fields or in green houses.

Pneumatic Precision Seed Drills

Flott offers afforadable washing and peeling technoloy for 'start-up' to large procesors. Flott washers and peelers are suitable for onion, garlic, potato, carrot and other types of root crop vegetables from semi-automatic to complete automatic systems.

Flott Onion, garlic, potato, carrot, small vegetable washer and peeler

Dust and Onion Husk Extraction Systems. SGE identified the many problems that dust and onion skin or husk created in the potato and onion packing sheds and now offer a custom designed extraction solution. With SGE’s extraction solution we offer customers a cleaner facility, reduction in downtime, labor savings all while promoting a safer work environment.
Dust is created in unloading trucks, tipping bins, cleaning, brushing, finish topping, during the transfer of the product from one conveyor to another, or at the packaging machinery. We enclose, capture and extract dust at each of these points. Onions shed loose skins and dust when entering the packaging or processing line direct from the field or storage. Suction hoods are strategically placed throughout the line to extract the loose skins. The collection of dust and onion skins, and delivering the waste to a specified location helps keeps the packaging facility cleaner and reduces labor costs of cleanup.
With many facilities advancing into more automated lines, an extraction system helps keep dust and onion husks out of controls, cameras, sensors, bearings, conveyor belts, motors and gearboxes allowing customers to experience less downtime, more productivity and labor savings.
With more strict standards with Health and Safety, packing facilities are becoming more enclosed and no longer enjoying the benefits of air movement of an open facility. The extraction system removing the dust and loose onion skins increases air quality, lowers risk of injury, and promotes a healthier and safer work environment.

Potato dust, onion and garlic dust and husk cyclone Extraction System

KW Automation offers a range of graders, Inline Weight Graders, Electronic Weight Graders and Circular Weight Graders which have the flexiblity to handle most delicate fruit types, ie. tomato, mango, apricot, rockmelon, canteloupe, plum, stonefruit, apple, citrus, avocado, potato, button squash, and variuous other fruit and vegetables. KW Automation graders are designed to operate either separtely or as part of the fully integrated KW line. KW Automation offer graders with collecting hoppers, collecting stations, shallow bins, or collecting drums. Also offered is Tasc Sizer Control Sytem, Cold Dip Tank, Hot Dip Unit, Hot Spray Treatment, Drying Tunnel, Wash & Wax Unit, Roller Spray Unit, Wash Spray Unit, Brush Polishers, Inspection Conveyors, Roller Creepfeeder, Belt Elevator Feeder, Bulk Bin Tipper, Spray Tanks, and etc.

Offering electronic weight graders, Hot dip tank, bulk bin feeder, drying tunnel, wash unit, wax unit, cold dip tank, spray unit, brush polisher, conveyor, creepfeeder, collecting drums, roller conveyor for delicate fruits and vegetables.

Nicholson Machinery have developed a successful range of onion handling equipment which effectively minimizes crop damage and reduces labor cost. Nicholson Machinery manufacture onion harvesting equiment that includes, onion field topper, onion windrower, onion harvester and onion finish topper. They also offer complete handling and grading equiment for onion, potato, carrot, other root crop and vegetables.

Onion handling system including Onion field topping, harvesting, windrow, onion finish topper.

SGE providing a world class service to the onion, potato and vegetable industry meeting the exact demands with machinery that handles crops gently and efficiently. SGE has aligned with Tong-Peal who manufacturers a large range of machinery from Barrel Washer, Big Bag Filler, Bulker, Dryer, Polisher, Weigher, Big Bag Box Tipper, Box Filler, Caretaker, Destoner, Economy Wash Line, Hopper, Clod Seperator, Skips & Bins, U Polisher, Grading and Handling Equipment from single machines to full line systems.

Onion and potato handling equipment for grading, sorting, sizing, bin tipping, bin filling, soft drop, cascade, caretaker, packing and grading line.

Weighing and Packaging machines which are suitable for packaging onion, potato, carrot, radish, garlic, lemon, orange, apple, and most any free flowing product, food or non-food. SGE supplies machinery specialized in packaging the various products into poly, paper, net and foil bags, as well as into trays, boxes, cartons, and crates. The equipment line ranges from Automatic Filling and Closing Machine, Fully Automatic Box Dispenser, Fully Autaomtic Filling and Sealing Machine, Weighing Machine, Fully Automatic Filling and Closing Machine, Fully Automatic Double Tube Net Clipper, Fully Automatic Packing Machine, and etc.


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